Shaymiloney Sweetpea

Shaymiloney Sweetpea

Hattie is my dog of a lifetime.  She is way beyond any text I can write.

I used to discuss with my dearly departed mum what we thought our perfect dog would be; Hattie is what we discussed.

My mum must have had a say in this, I love and adore every bone.  She is my soul mate.



168454_1815733482564_1516896812_1905465_3037066_aHattie was the result of a very successful mating between Georgie –  Bariclabs Bebop Alulah at Shaymiloney to Amberstope Blue Moon.

I really thank Janet and Lou of Amberstope for their help, friendship and absolute backing.  I wouldn’t have the Shaymiloneys without their help.


Her show wins are so many that you need to link with champdogs on my show results page.

I feel blessed to have got such a special dog living with me, Anyone who knows me knows how special this dog is….