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Georgie – Bariclabs Bebop Alulah at Shaymiloney


My very special mum of the Shaymiloney family.

My very special mum of the Shaymiloney family.

I am so lucky that my taste in labs brought me to Georgie.

I wanted a labrador with a gentle nature but to have lots of character and boy did we get that..

I got in touch with Marlene Hepper of Mardas Labradors as her type was exactly what I was wanting.  Marlene didn’t have any puppies at that time but put me in touch with a lovely lady who had used her special boy Greenworth Vincent O’Brien at Mardas JW and the Shaymiloney familiy started.



Georgie is my total buddy.   She is the absolute text book description of a labrador.

She follows me everywhere, she is totally loyal, loves water……..to the extreme that she can smell it, 100 metres away!

Extremely intelligent…….Opens doors, fetches newspapers, sits by your feet, knows each member of our family by name, I have never had a dog with such intelligence.

I cannot ever imagine our lives without her.


Her Manorroy line breeding, Mrs Busby and Simon Hurns have been a great help to me and I value all there expertise and friendship.

She was so small as a pup, it is hard to see that now, her paws are so HUGE!!

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  1. Marlene Hargreaves

    Read your comments regarding Mardas Labs and agree with everything you say..
    Mardas Labs are really spectacular…every thing about them…their temprement…stature…coats..intelligence..they are so faithful .and ones best friend.I have been so lucky to have had 3 Mardas Labs. Marlene Hepper is not only a brilliant breeder but such a lovely person..always so willing to help.Like you I also feel so blessed to have had such wonderful companions.