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Shaymiloney Silla Black wins reserve best puppy in show at her very first show!

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March 2020

Well done to Gilbert (Shaymiloney Senate JW) on his second place in Limit Dog at CRUFTS 2020!

January 2020

Out at Manchester Championship Show today, our first champ show for quite some time.

Totally thrilled that Nelli was shortlisted to the last six in junior out of 24, 19 present.  Well done to all that were placed.

September 2019

Whilst enjoying a lovely few days away in Northern Ireland Eric (Shaymiloney Saint Signed by Loubert), a puppy from our last litter, has won Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Reserve best Puppy in Show at the Labrador Retriever Club of Northern Ireland Championship show.

November 2018

Norma and Jacks puppies have arrived! Four boys and four girls!

October 2018
Gilbert has taken the Reserve Challenge Certificate at North West Labrador Retriever Club under Frank Gilroy

March 2018

Norma wins VHC at Crufts!

December 2017

Norma has had an unbelievably good year and I would now like to thank each and every judge that has given us a chance..
I have never felt that any judge has not given us a fair chance, we have won some and we have lost some but the journey has taught me so much.

She has been placed so often I cannot thank all of the judges but I really would like to thank..
Karen Powell……She picked us out of such a huge entry at North West, and suddenly the show world accepted her. xxx
Tracy James…..My first RCC and I can’t thank you enough, Amanda Dean……How kind and fair as she was slightly out of coat, Paul Collins……for such a large entry and giving her such a good look over in such a huge class, Yolanda Shirton…..for giving her, her fourth reserve CC.and reserve Best in Show. Erica Jayes……for giving her her fifth RCC totally out of coat, but seeing her as she is..

Her 1st CC Ginette Oulton….I just couldnt believe it and I am forever grateful.. Her second Arwyn Ellis…..Yellow Labrador retreiver club and I was totally shocked and her final CC Brian Hayward…. What a day as her sister got the RCC too.. Thank you so much

I would also like to thank Ann Britton……as she is just so helpful and a real supporter of the under dog..

I also want to thank all of the show folk as I know there are a few spats but I think we are, in general, quite a good bunch..

Get this certificate!!!!!! lol

October 2017

Words are not enough!

Norma wins her third CC (making her a Show Champion) at Gundog Society of Wales under Brian Hayward.

September 2017

CC at Yellow Labrador Championship Show for Norma under judge Arwyn Ellis!

August 2017

RCC for Norma Nibbs today at the Welsh Kennel Club under Erica Jayes after winning a strong limit class.  Very proud.

July 2017

Fab day at East of England Champ Show!

Gilbert (Shaymiloney Senate JW) won the Dog Challenge Certificate and then went on to win the Best of Breed under judge Chris Hancock.

Very proud.

June 2017

Gilbert (Shaymiloney Senate JW) has just taken the reserve CC at Southern Counties Championship Show

Well done to Gilbert and his owners Jillian and Jenny.

May 2017

Shaymiloney Stormin Norma JW won the Bitch Reserve Ticket and reserve Best of Breed at Labrador Retriever Club of Northern Ireland.

Norma’s wins pride of place on our fireplace. The most expensive cardboard on the planet, but the BEST!!

April 2017

Norma (Shaymiloney Stormin Norma) has taken the bitch RCC at West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show!

Two of the puppies from the last litter have qualified for Crufts 2018!!

Congratulations to Dougie, Ernie and their owners, there’s going to be a big Shaymiloney gang at Crufts next year.

January 2017

First Championship Show for the new members of Team Shaymiloney, including Dory. Click on images to enlarge.

September 2016

WOW! Norma has just taken the Challenge Certificate at Darlington Championship Show!!

Many thanks to the judge Ginette Oulton.


April 2016

Norma Nibbs has just won her second Reserve Challenge Certificate at the Labrador Club of Scotland Championship Show!!

Many thanks to the judge Amanda Deane.

May 2015

Norma Nibbs has just won her first Reserve Challenge Certificate at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show!!

Think my face shows how shocked I was!!!!

Many thanks to the judge Tracy James and for all the kind comments recieved.

Very Proud.

September 2014

We have just won Gundog Breeder Group at Driffield with Louis, Norma and Gilbert.


September 2014

Gilbert (Shaymiloney Senate) has just won Best Puppy in Breed at Darlington Championship Show

Well done to Gilbert and his owners Jillian and Jenny.


Gilbert waiting for the Group judging with Louis, Nibbs and Hilda (and Jillian and Mummy Brambles!)


  1. Marion

    Congratulations to you both worth the trip!!

    from Carole and Marion

    • Hayley Brambles

      Thank you so much!! x

  2. Marion

    Congratulations on the RCC today with Norma, hope you are all keeping well

    Marion and Carole

  3. Marion

    Congratulations to you both